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58 thoughts on “"Better Together"

  1. Your observations are powerful. In the past I have adheared to the “John Wayne” style of origination. Don’t need anyone esle. This has not worked that well in my business or personal life. Insights like your’s continue to help me refine my direction and improve my business model. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Bill,
    Right on with your observations. Thanks for sharing this important information. I will be sending this to my clients as well.

  3. Amen Bill! So many Lenders are still intimidated by Realtors when in actuality if you as a Lender take the lead and intiate the relationship through monthly brainstorm sessions (with an attitude of growth and positivity) the “better together” will become a reality and those relationships will become the tip of the iceberg.

  4. There seems to me to be an immutable fact about being better together and still so few figure it out. Not sure if it is our individualistic culture or what. You are right on the money Coach – I hope people heed the advice!

  5. Excellent and timely message Bill. The real estate and mortgage industry has changed, as we have all experienced, and for the real estate agents and loan officers that grab ahold of your message and execute, their businesses will flourish. For those that get stuck in the past, well….let time tell the story!!!

  6. This is fantastic and would love to use it to send to all of my current and propect Realtors, if thats ok wiht you. Our team has been trying to communicate this to Realtors for a long time and this is perfectly said!


  7. Spot on Bill! Better together in deed. The best teams work well together, press in when adversity is in front of them. If you read “Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars” by Patrick Lencioni, he will tell you the best companies or teams go through a crisis together. They throw off their roles or functional hats and zero in on a rallying cry to achieve exceptional results. What you are sharing here is to that same point. Lose the titles or originator and realtor, work as a team and you will see amazing success together! Well done Bill!

  8. Bill, I could not agree more. In fact, what I am seeing in the current market is that Realtors are more willing than ever to listen to and partner up with Lenders who bring great SOLUTIONS to the table.

  9. Dude, you are on it! And not only is more business when you have that close relationship where you cross sell each other consistently, but the business is better.

    In other words, my transactions with agents who are really close to me, have about a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Why? Because we know each other so well, our teams communicate so well, were in sync so well that nothing falls through the cracks.

    Great insight and talking point as always Bill!!!

  10. Bill absolutely love it! This is exactly what we talked about last week. I can’t wait to execute as we discussed. Great stuff; absolutely on point, timely and the most relevant message of the day.

    See…I can give you 7 minutes!!!

  11. Right on the money Bill! The mentality of us and them seems to be vanishing slowly. I had an agent call me yesterday that I have not talked to (my fault) in 3 years. He is looking for a relationship with a lender that gives honest, real info and can get his deals closed. EUREKA! Thanks Bill for laying it out so clearly!

    Alan Thain

  12. Bill first off I completely agree, however here is the issue as I see it and you said it in your comments….Real Estate agents EXPECT LO’s to get the transaction closed and few feel they have a lot of responsibility in doing so themselves. So when something goes wrong, which we all know it does at times, the Realtor ALWAYS blames the Loan Officer. They then end up moving onto the next LO that says they can do it. I feel in todays ever changing market, that Realtors are LESS committed today than ever and that developing these strong relationships and pointing out the advantages is much tougher. I will go on record and say that Realtor culture just does not get it, and 95% unfortuately never will.

  13. I love it! TOGETHER IS BETTER! We both (Mortgage Planner and Realtors) must improve the education we provide each other in this very challenging environment. Very tuff to keep up with it all but together it can be done and it makes for smoother transactions and happier mutual clients. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Bill, YOU DA MAN!
    Closing the transactions on time is the key to open the doors to new relationships! If we as loan officers cannot close deals on time then we are just like the rest of the 95% out there. The whole team is the key to making this happen from the Agent, LO, Processor and Underwriter and if this “unit” doesn’t work well together…no chance at developing the partnership!

    Great stuff…thanks for sharing Bill!

  15. Hi Bill,

    Absolutely Love it! True Champions Connect, Communicate and Rise!

    It’s seems to me Top Producers know there purpose and it’s the only thing they invest their time, energy and efforts in.

  16. You are dead on! I couldn’t agree more. Casting a wider net seems to be the new “catch phrase”, but it is so very true. Important that both are required – deeper and wider – in order to be in the top 5. Here’s to making 2010 a phenominal year, in spite of the many changes ahead!

  17. Together we are better! Getting the deal done smoothly, on time, with a great cross-sell of the agent to buyer is mandatory. With the amount of paperwork and new disclosure requirements, stronger teams are needed to ensure quality delivery. The game has changed and originators must spend more time going wider -deeper and have the capacity to spend 15- 20 hours per week implementing marketing strategies and meeting new business partners. The quality of our Relationships will define our success.

  18. Excellent perspective Bill, really informative and right on the money. Its a new world in this business today and we have to create a better and more efficient way to work with our partners to produce the results that are desired.

    thank you very much for your expertise


  19. Bill,

    So true! It’s all about relationships and being on the same page! A realtor HAS to know that the mortgage lender has the same care and concern for their clients as they do and vice versa. It’s also important to allow each other to do your respective jobs and not step on each other’s toes. All of that comes from TRUST which is built through open communication and working together over time.


  20. received this from one of my mortgage brokers who I refer to my clients. Your message is right on point that we are “better together” and need to work together as a team especially in light of the changes now and headed our way.


  21. You created this video at the ideal time because most agents today are faced with many tough decisions and many are looking for ideas and direction. Your video focus of working together with a common goal is BIG and creates synergy. Everyone needs some added synergy these days and I especially like your point about the tax credit ending soon because unless agents are prepared for the market shift ahead…they will be seriously challenged in the months ahead.

  22. “We can accomplish more together than we can apart.” Great video Bill.

    With the expansion of technology for marketing real estate, the time for us as mortgage professionals to partner with our real estate professionals has never been better.
    By working together we become more profitable through efficiency, we imporve customer experience, and build our database of Raving Fan customers together.
    I’m looking forward to more on this topic Bill. Thanks.

  23. Bill, I love the message. I do not believe you can compete at a high level with out finding like minded professionals to partner with. I know the word combine is too strong, however somewhere between these definitions is where we need to be. I love the site, the message, the commitment to real content, and the commitment to us.

    Thanks Bill

  24. Bill, Teaming up can create synergy if each party is dedicated to the cause of promoting the others business. It’s important to choose carefully and make sure that expectations are voiced, quantifyable and fully uinderstood.

  25. Of course you are dead on!!

    As transactions continue to get tougher and more time consuming it will be so important to have the trust of your Real Estate partner. Even the smartest, most efficient lenders are going to get caught in a bad situation. That trust has to be built so strong that it will endure trouble.

  26. Bill,

    Great message and one to be reinforced and lived with our current partners and in our efforts to grow new relationships. I believe realtors are more receptive than ever to a true partnership.

    What’s working for us is leveraging our existing relationships for introductions to new realtors.

    Thanks again!

  27. Bill,
    This is a great message. I couldn’t agree more! I am a newer agent and I have aligned myself with a couple of mortgage professionals that have really helped me to start my business and I rely on them.

  28. Bill, you’re on top of the game. We do loan mods, working out as many options as possible saving peoples homes. We have Real Estate professionals that send us clients because they know we don’t sell homes, and we have Loan Mort. professionals as well as lenders that send us clients because we do not refi/loan money. These professionals we are working with are all across the country. It has to be a win-win-win-win for everyone. We all have to be on the same page to helping people.

  29. Bill, you’re always full of wisdom and great advice. Well said, I’m forwarded the link to this video to my current and future Realtor partners.

  30. Bill,

    Your post was referred by Steve SchraderBachar and I see why. You and I interviewed back in the Fall of 2004 as my business was skyrocketing.

    As always, appreciate your thoughts. Over the last two years I have painstakingly researched why our business has blossomed (record year in 2009) and others tanked. I have put that into a book, (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referrals that is out this summer. It is a fun, educational read. It stars a mortgage professional and a real estate professional. In the book, the mortgage professional plays a key role in helping the agent transform to not only a new business level, but a new and exciting personal level as well. It took my 28 months to write, but it only takes one night to read. I can’t wait for you to read it after hearing your passion in this video.

    Thank you Bill! Love your stuff.



  31. Bill

    Your post was dead on. I look to my mortgage persons as an ally in this business. I am a new agent and I went the in house mortgage route and loss business every time. Our company may have AAA loans for clients but some cannot pass muster. I now have a plan B mortgage person who I believe is better versed in alternatives and PLAN Bs. I look forward to working with the person who can get it done and refer business to me as I have for them.

    Great Insight. Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia McCrite

  32. Bill,

    Excellent and timely reminder… In this ever-changing market, we need to be aware and adjust accordingly if we plan on succeeding!

    Thank you for the wake-up call.!!!

    June Respicio

  33. Bill – I truely believe you are right, I have a number of lenders trying to “court” me due to my production levels. My important items when talking to them now is not just the service, that is a given to me for anyone that I do business with. My question is now how do we work together in partnership to grow each others businesses. I want my lenders to work along side me, come up with new ideas and see if we can make them work in the market we are presented with.

  34. Bill,

    Timeless post. You’ve inspired me to send this to my favorite mortgage guy, and to ask him to set a time to sit down with my to talk about it. I’m thinking we have some of the SAME people in our respective databases … we should co-market to those people!

    Julia Fishel

  35. Bill,

    We are all in this together. It’s so simple. We need to put people first and assist each other. What we do to/for another, we do to/for ourselves. As an optimistic shiney new penny in Real Estate, I’m looking forward to what’s next. Thank you for your insight ☺


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