“Just My Luck”

...a simple method of affirming the GOOD things that happen in life

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Years ago, I spent a lot of time traveling the region I represented with our director of training, Harold. He was a living, breathing antidote to negative people. A simple example of his philosophy was one day when we pulled into a mall and he found a parking spot directly adjacent to the entrance. He spotted it and exclaimed “Just my luck.” I told him that was interesting, most people say that when something bad happens. He said, “You’re right – I choose to reserve that when something good happens.”

What you focus on – expands.

As I write this, at 6am on a Monday morning, my thoughts turn to the many people in our culture who live for the weekend, and dread Mondays. Enduring the week until Friday once again arrives… TGIF.

Here’s my coaching on this; affirm the good things and watch how many good things happen to you! Embrace Monday and welcome a week filled with opportunities to grow and serve others. Harold constantly swam against the cultural tide. I’d like you to join me while I do the same and watch your life actually improve.

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