“Make the Call”


I just hung up with Harold. This call was probably 10 years overdue. Harold was my best man at my wedding, he was responsible for getting my son into the Salvation Army’s rehab years ago, and in many ways was my surrogate Dad in the years we worked together. If you’ve known me for a while, or are a coaching client, I’ve quoted him.
Life got busy for me, as it slowed down for Harold (he’s 82) and that divergent pace slowed our communications.
It was SO GREAT to hear his voice. I love this man, and there’s just no reason that this much time has passed. I told him that I called because he “Walked across my mind”, quoting him. (There are dozens).
The next two weeks are busy for me, but we’re getting together for coffee after that.
I am so glad I listened to that still small voice, that gentle whisper, and called him.
Who is the Harold in your life that you need to call?

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