“Be Yourself”


I just heard Vin Sculley (retiring voice of The Dodgers after 67 years) give this advice to his successor, Joe Davis; “Be yourself.”

It took me a long time to learn this lesson. Years ago, I would emulate my boss to the point of practically mimicking him. When I realized that I could create my own style; humor, energy, solid content, and yes – boots on stage to support my military charity, Boot Campaign – I can tell you that people embrace authenticity over emulation. Embrace and release the inner you – that God-given YOU that no one else can ever be, and watch the gravitational pull.

(photo credit: Lynn Reed)

“55 Days to Halloween”

How are you capitalizing on the next 60 days?


It happens every year; the weather cools, pumpkin spice everything is everywhere, and once we hit Halloween… well, it’s “The Holidays.”

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year – Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur, Chanukkah and Christmas are a wonderful time to be with family and be reminded of what truly matters.

But WAIT. We’re not there yet! If you’re in sales or sales leadership, you have to MAKE business happen, you can’t just wait for the phone to ring. The phone rings when people need your product or service, and starting very soon – they won’t be thinking about you – they’ll be thinking about preparing for the holidays.

So. What to do? Finish the year strong! If I coached you, I’d ask for a plan for the next 60 days. Who are you going to call? What videos are you going to record? What is your strategy for social media? What events are you planning? Let’s get this thing fired up!

If you don’t lean into this, you will slooooowly find the weather cooling, and the same with your business. No Bueno.

Halloween is designed to be scary, but don’t let it have that same affect on your bank account. Get busy so you can enjoy the holidays!

“Just My Luck”

...a simple method of affirming the GOOD things that happen in life

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Years ago, I spent a lot of time traveling the region I represented with our director of training, Harold. He was a living, breathing antidote to negative people. A simple example of his philosophy was one day when we pulled into a mall and he found a parking spot directly adjacent to the entrance. He spotted it and exclaimed “Just my luck.” I told him that was interesting, most people say that when something bad happens. He said, “You’re right – I choose to reserve that when something good happens.”

What you focus on – expands.

As I write this, at 6am on a Monday morning, my thoughts turn to the many people in our culture who live for the weekend, and dread Mondays. Enduring the week until Friday once again arrives… TGIF.

Here’s my coaching on this; affirm the good things and watch how many good things happen to you! Embrace Monday and welcome a week filled with opportunities to grow and serve others. Harold constantly swam against the cultural tide. I’d like you to join me while I do the same and watch your life actually improve.

The “Oreo Cookie” Meeting

Correction/admonishment is easier this way

Unhealthy Chocolate Cookies with Cream Filling

As a leader, you have to have the difficult conversations with team members. Not always fun, but necessary. Something I have shared with clients over the years that seems to help is what I call The “Oreo Cookie” Meeting. It works like this;

Open with a compliment or some encouragement: “I love your positive attitude Karen, you always seem to see the good in people and look for ways to make things work. I really appreciate that about you. (TOP COOKIE LAYER)

Transition to the issue: “Here’s the thing – we have a fast pace here in the office, and it’s really going to be important for you to try and move a bit more quickly. I’d like to see you focus on shortening up your calls a bit, and focus on shifting gears more quickly. Does that make sense to you?” (CREAMY MIDDLE)

Close with encouragement: “Again, I want you to know that we really value your contribution, and the whole team appreciates all that you bring to us.” (BOTTOM COOKIE LAYER)

I find many people do this naturally, but if you need a reminder… have a cookie.