The “Oreo Cookie” Meeting

Correction/admonishment is easier this way

Unhealthy Chocolate Cookies with Cream Filling

As a leader, you have to have the difficult conversations with team members. Not always fun, but necessary. Something I have shared with clients over the years that seems to help is what I call The “Oreo Cookie” Meeting. It works like this;

Open with a compliment or some encouragement: “I love your positive attitude Karen, you always seem to see the good in people and look for ways to make things work. I really appreciate that about you. (TOP COOKIE LAYER)

Transition to the issue: “Here’s the thing – we have a fast pace here in the office, and it’s really going to be important for you to try and move a bit more quickly. I’d like to see you focus on shortening up your calls a bit, and focus on shifting gears more quickly. Does that make sense to you?” (CREAMY MIDDLE)

Close with encouragement: “Again, I want you to know that we really value your contribution, and the whole team appreciates all that you bring to us.” (BOTTOM COOKIE LAYER)

I find many people do this naturally, but if you need a reminder… have a cookie.

Got a Million Dollar Smile for $5.

When tipping, and two figures come to mind, go with the higher one.

car wash


So I’m at the car wash and notice that the guy that’s finishing it off is putting in a lot of effort; towel between every wheel spoke, inside the car wiping every corner of every window etc. So I put the 3 singles back in my pocket and pull out a five. I walk over to his boss and tell him I noticed, and that this guy ROCKS. When I claim my car, I compliment him with the best non-profane Spanish words I have (I learned what little I know as a bartender – it’s not PG) and give him the five. Dude’s face LIGHTS UP. Jim Rohn used to say that if two figures occur to you when tipping — always go with the higher one. Thanks Jim. Great ROI today!