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15 thoughts on “"The Importance of Appearance!"

  1. OMG that was hilarious and I couldnt believe it when he really shaved the first line down the middle of your head!!! How wonderful of you to support your friend and share this moment with us with such a great message(s). Thanks Bill. Enjoy your vacation (and watch my video so I can send it or redo it!)………….

  2. Bill – THAT was a fantastic video! I actually gasped when they made the first “real” pass! Your support for your friend is heartwarming, and I will share this video with my brother as support for him as well…I’ll just tell him to “imagine that Bill is me” so I don’t have to shave my head!

  3. Three words come to mind….COURAGE~CONVICTION~COMMITMENT! Way to go coach, you are an inspiration to us all.

  4. So awesome Bill! Have I mentioned how blessed I am to work alongside a man with such heart! Enjoy the time with your family!