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10 thoughts on “"When You Name It, You Own It"

  1. Bill, I love it. I think this is a great idea. I have MANY discipline reminders that pop up on my phone every day as well. But, they simply are ‘tasks’ like “weekly productivity items”. Naming it to own it is good. “25 x 4” simple, effective, easy to remember… Thanks for sharing.

  2. So true Coach! Some things Im great at naming/owning …others not so much. Great reminder that what we focus on naming..we claim and we OWN. Have a great week and thanks for your guidance and words of wisdom!

  3. Absolutely agree! People live in a sound byte world! If you give a concept a name, it sticks. For years I have been explaining the idea that with a lack of information, people fill in the blanks with their own assumptions. And their own assumptions are always much worse than the real facts. As I explained it, people followed me pretty well. But I was watching a West Wing episode and heard the quote, “Information breeds confidence, Silence breeds fear.” BANG! Same idea in 6 words. I now use that all the time and it is catching on!

  4. Bill you knocked it right out of the park here. I have been a true believer of the “name it you own it” exercise for many years now! and it really works. Thanks for shating. Your ideas are always GREAT……

  5. Bill,

    More great thoughts from the master! I agree. Ever since you started coaching my loan officers back in the last century, I’ve continued to benefit from you insight.

    Keep em’ coming!

    Joffrey Long
    Southwestern Mortgage
    Granada Hills, CA

  6. Nice post, I will these points into consideration for my daily life, especially as a real estate practitioner. The job can be so dynamic (I guess most are) that you really need to be on your toes at all times. I’ll share this with my friends as well, thanks!