“Mattress Shopping and How Bob Nearly Killed the Deal”

Many of you chimed in recently when we started our mattress shopping research. Thanks so much for that! Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic were the favorites by far! We decided on a Tempur-pedic, but Bob (not his real name – identity protected) nearly killed the deal.

We walked in, having done our research – “Consumer Reports” magazine in-hand with the mattress ratings, and ready to buy a bed. All Bob had to do was ask us what was important to us, and we were a slam dunk.

Bob has been in the mattress business for 35 years and KNOWS his business. The problem is, Bob talks a lot. A LOT. Toni and I fidgeted, looked away, looked at each other and physically backed away slightly in vain attempts to send Bob signals that we weren’t really all that interested in his loooooong, irrelevant stories. This sounds cold and callous, but we had limited time and were on a mission. We tried to be polite, but OH MY GOODNESS.

We ended up buying the bed (a very expensive bed I might add) anyway, but MAN! I was soooooo close to running away screaming.
If you’re in sales, and many of you are, learn from Bob. Ask questions and be sensitive to your client or customer’s signals.

As Floyd Wickman, one of the greatest sales trainers of all time says, “Never sell with Blah Blah when Blah will do.”

We’ve gotta go Bob…